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PRINTABLES ARE UH MAZ ING for a plethora of reasons!  There is so much power in print, the printed word, fonts, colors, and styles.  The printed word makes a repeated impact as you visualize it over and over, and therefore should be thought over carefully and with great enthusiasm of what you long to be reminded of on a daily basis.

The great thing about printables is this.  It doesn't matter where you live, what your life looks like, if you are single, married, divorced, or anything else.  It doesn't even matter if your life is presently in the midst of great change.

Printables are one of the easiest things to implement in your life no matter what!  

If you are living in a small space (whether that be an RV, dorm room, rented room, or apartment), I bet you have a small wall space to hang a few of these inspirational reminders, or print them out and slide them into a notebook, or download it and save it as the screensaver on your computer or phone.  

If you are living in a larger space (whether that is a house, ranch, or even for your business space), make a gallery wall in one area of the space and print and frame these babies.  Or, hang a few different ones in different spaces for effect.  If it is in an office meeting room, hang them where employees see them and are inspired.  

If you are single living alone, it can be a great comfort to look on the walls or on your phone or laptop and see the reminder that you really aren’t alone.

If you are a busy on the go person, you can have these with you in notebook format in your car, and also on your phone, and when you get home later, be reminded that life is good!

 Another great thing about printables is the cost!  

The cost is so wonderful because not only will I offer freebies and $5 deals on this site, but also whatever the price, once you pay for it, it is yours to keep forever!  Meaning if you are in the middle of a move, but know you want a certain set now for your new place, buy it, download it, and save it for when you get settled and start decorating.  Life doesn’t have to slow down for you to implement printables into your life!

The final thing I will say about Printables is that they will evolve with you!

I make a great effort on here (granted they are not all up and available at the time of typing this) to put printables up for not just moms like myself, but for anyone…guys, gals, singles. married, kids, entrepreneurs, business owners, etc.  My focus is that we are all a part of the same family, whatever our life looks like, and that whatever that looks like for you right now, please know I am working behind the scenes on so much great stuff that should work for you wherever life takes you!

Let me take care of that for you! 

We are NOW taking these CUSTOM DESIGNED PRINTABLES and expanding that encouragement to wearable and useable merchandise for YOUR BEAUTIFUL EVERYDAY LIFE!  We hope this continues to encourage and edify you in your journey!

The 365 Family was founded with the notion that we truly all are part of the same family.  

As I look back over my life, I realize how segregated I felt at different points in my life from the rest of the world.  When I was single living alone in my car, I felt ostracised from the world.  When I went to work (while living in my car), everyone talked about their families and I felt empty inside with no room to chime in about me, myself, and I being my own family.   When I was single with my own place, it was the same thing and then people would ask me when I was getting married.  My reply became, “when I meet my husband”.  When I did meet my best friend and we married, then it became, “when are y’all having kids?”.  

I realize that in the world’s eyes, I would never be enough.  Just me.  

Anyway, I have always had this deep angst type of groaning longing coming from my soul thinking, “we really do all matter…whether child, teenager, single adult, married with no kids, married with kids, divorced, widowed, abandoned, homeless, retired, elderly….we really all have our own stories and they really do matter.”

So, that is what I hope to convey to you through my printables is the reminder that there is beauty in our differences and we are all different and that is wonderful, but also that we are all a part of the same family. I hope they will be a blessing to you in your life. 

Be creative.  You are special and unique and deserve to be celebrated!

Having only been given one life and only so much time, I believe our time, energy and money is precious and shouldn’t be wasted on things that just don’t work. 

So now, I sit here with a dream and a computer to type on.  

My desire is for you to fully know your worth and your beauty and that you are not the sum total of your circumstances or your history, or what others believe to be true about you.  You are so much more than all of that!  You are unique. You can change.  You can be positive.  You can believe.  Most of all, you can live and you can love!

Come along for this crazy ride and may every one of your 365 days be blessed!


















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